Urban Art Gallery is a platform that offers a window to both local new and well-known international urban street artists. Our mission is to have people enjoying #urbanĀ #street #graffiti #stencil art in there own living environment. We love to see more street art at peoples living space.

It is a collection from Jan Peter en Tamara. Jan Peter has been started to collect art five years ago. When Jan Peter met Tamara on their first date, he told her his dream was to start an art gallery. She fell in love with him and the urban art. We love urban art because of this statement “the urban area belongs to everybody, we are free to make it even more beautiful with its colors and designs”.

Some of the art works are not for sale because they were purchused recently or we prefer to hang them on our own walls to enjoy it. Of course you can always enjoy the pictures on the site.

When interested in our collection, please contact us @instagram urban_art_rotterdam.

Tamara & Jan Peter

Rotterdam may 2024

Paint love